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3 ways that evidence that can boost your accident injury claim

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Personal Injury |

By now, you probably realize that the aftermath of a vehicle accident is about more than physical healing. While working to recover, you must also address any economic hardships caused by the crash.

Fortunately, a well-prepared accident claim can help you manage financial hurdles like steep medical expenses and lost income due to your injuries. Presenting strong evidence can strengthen your claim and help maximize your compensation. Here are three ways to do this.

Paint a picture

Visual evidence such as photos and videos can help show how the accident and your injuries happened. For example, pictures showing the crash scene and vehicle damage can support your account of how the crash unfolded.

For even more visual evidence, nearby home and business owners may have captured the crash on security cameras.

Get witness accounts

People who saw the accident happen can be powerful allies in your claim. Their firsthand accounts can help to corroborate your story and provide details about the crash from their perspective, including whom they believe caused it. Even if they were inside, they may have seen it.

Provide a medical narrative

Medical records and bills can speak volumes about the outcome of a vehicle accident. They reveal the extent of your physical harm and illuminate the economic impact the crash is likely to have on your life.

Such evidence is critical if your injuries are long-term, catastrophic or disabling. For example, medical evidence detailing your prognosis and treatment plan may qualify you for pain and suffering damages under New Mexico law.

Since your auto accident claim can help you meet post-accident financial challenges, consider getting legal guidance before you file.