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Using Decades Of Experience To Defend Against Charges

Getting arrested or charged with a criminal offense can be intimidating whether this is your first brush with the law or not. At Clark, Jones & Ruyle, LLC, we are ready to stand up for your rights and help you navigate the criminal process.

Our attorneys share over six decades of courtroom experience that they use to resolve criminal cases. We have the background necessary to handle complex cases effectively so that you can move on from your legal issues. We are equipped to tackle any misdemeanor or felony count that you are facing.

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Helping You Confront Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses

Our firm provides aggressive representation for individuals in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico. We challenge authorities who try to use false or misleading evidence against our clients – and win.

We offer our clients exceptional advocacy and defense for all types of criminal cases, including:

  • Drunk driving charges — Whether you are facing your first DUI violation or have other drunk driving convictions on your record, we will move swiftly to defend your driving privileges and challenge blood, breath or sobriety test results.
  • Drug charges — Misdemeanor and felony drug convictions can follow you throughout your life, limiting your job and housing options. We scrutinize evidence collected at the crime scene and review police reports to identify holes in the prosecution’s argument.
  • Assault and battery — If you have been arrested after a physical altercation, we can present any appropriate defenses on your behalf, including self-defense.
  • Burglary and theft — Depending on the amount involved in the theft and other circumstances, these charges can lead to significant incarceration. Our firm works to combat overcharging and defend against property-related accusations.
  • White collar crime — We have the knowledge and background to analyze accusations of fraud, embezzlement or other white collar crimes and synthesize complex matters into a clear, authoritative argument.
  • Homicide, Sex Offenses and other violent offenses — Cases where someone is accused of ending another’s life demand exceptional representation from an experienced criminal litigator. We are accustomed to handling high-profile matters and delivering successful results.

Even when the odds seem difficult, we investigate every aspect of the case to give you the best chance of obtaining an acquittal, dismissal or favorable plea agreement.

Providing Strong Counsel To Clients Charged With Sex Crimes

More than other types of charges, sex crime prosecutions often turn on subtle questions relating to consent or intent. If you have been accused of sexual assault, possession of illegal materials or another charge relating to alleged sexual misconduct, it is essential to find an experienced criminal defender.

We understand how even an unfounded allegation can destroy your representation, so we take immediate action to confront questionable evidence and witnesses. Our lawyers handle each case in a sensitive, professional manner and pursue a result that clears your name.

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