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2 Times Drivers Can’t Rely Soley On Another Driver’s Policy Post-Crash

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Insurance requirements apply to all drivers licensed by a specific state, so those involved in a crash naturally expect that they’ll be able to file a claim against an at-fault driver’s insurance in a straightforward manner. Unfortunately, a small but noteworthy percentage of the drivers involved in New Mexico collisions are forced into worrying about covering some of their costs themselves.

When a driver knows that they are not the one who caused the crash, they naturally want to pass the financial consequences for the wreck along to the appropriate party. Despite the expectation of financial justice, many drivers in New Mexico end up saddled with the expenses generated by a wreck for which they are not to blame. These are the most common circumstances under which those affected by a crash have to cope without appropriate insurance coverage from an at-fault party.

When the other driver is uninsured

A large number of drivers cancel their policies after they first register their vehicles or fail to make their monthly payments. Both scenarios will have the same outcome. The driver who doesn’t make necessary payments for their coverage will not have insurance when they cause a crash.

Investing in uninsured motorist protection helps limit the likelihood that someone who makes safe and responsible decisions might end up struggling financially due to the actions of others. Uninsured motorist protection can be an immediate supplement after a New Mexico collision, and drivers hurt in such crashes could also bring a lawsuit against the driver without proper coverage.

When the other driver has bad insurance

There are thousands of drivers in New Mexico who technically have the insurance coverage required by state law and yet won’t be able to fully pay for the costs of the crashes that they cause. The low mandatory coverage limits by state law leave those with total vehicle losses and catastrophic injuries wondering how they will cover their expenses.

It is common practice for people to invest in underinsured motorist coverage in equal amounts to the uninsured motorist coverage and liability coverage they carry. That way, if the other driver has a bad policy that cannot pay for someone’s lost wages or other costs, their own policy can help them cover their expenses. As with uninsured motorists, drivers with poor coverage open themselves up to lawsuits by those harmed in a crash.

Recognizing the limitations of car insurance after a New Mexico collision can help those affected better handle the insurance claim process and take action in civil court if necessary. Seeking legal guidance can also be very helpful.