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Crashes that only occur with large vehicles and trucks

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Large commercial vehicles cause some of the most horrific crashes possible. In fact, they have created new categories of collisions. Certain crashes are more likely to happen with big trucks. Jackknife crashes, for example, can only occur with vehicles towing trailers. Still, passenger vehicles towing trailers or recreational vehicles behind them on a hitch could have the same kind of crash.

Override and underride collisions occur almost exclusively with big trucks and other commercial vehicles. The size discrepancy between these vehicles and passenger vehicles means that the physics of crashes are different than standard wrecks.

The bigger, heavier vehicles often end up going over the smaller passenger vehicles. The result is an override or underride crash. These collisions often destroy the smaller vehicles involved and can cause fatal injuries to their occupants.

What is the difference between an override and an underride crash?

The basic physics of override and underride collisions are the same. What really matters is the point of contact between the passenger vehicle and the commercial truck. In an override crash, the truck strikes the passenger vehicle from behind, going up and over it.

In an underride crash, it is technically the passenger vehicle that strikes the commercial vehicle, forcing its way under the bigger truck. Rear and side underride crashes can cause devastating damage to passenger vehicles. Inadequate guards on the larger vehicles can contribute to these collisions, as can unsafe maneuvers on the road.

Those who have been injured in crashes caused by big trucks or who have lost a loved one in such collisions often need to negotiate an insurance settlement or consider a personal injury lawsuit.