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What kinds of illnesses mimic intoxication?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

Alcohol intoxication makes people’s bodies respond in different ways. Depending on how much they’ve had to drink, they may feel impaired or totally fine. Some may have slower reaction times. Others may realize that they have a change in their attitude or actions. 

If you drive while you’re intoxicated, then there is a chance that you could be stopped for a DUI. However, did you know that some people have illnesses that mimic intoxication that could result in false accusations? If you’re someone with a condition like this, it’s important to monitor your health and to take steps to make sure the authorities are clear on your condition as well.

What kinds of conditions mimic intoxication?

There are several illnesses that mimic intoxication. If you have one of these and are stopped, it’s possible that you could face accusations of drunk driving. Some of the conditions that mimic intoxication include:

  • Diabetes, particularly a low blood sugar level, called hypoglycemia, which can lead to seizures, tremors, drowsiness and paranoia. Alternatively, with high blood sugar, hyperglycemia causes acetone to build up in the blood. This can give off an alcohol-like scent. Both have the potential to lead to accusations of drunk driving.
  • Seizure disorders, which may lead to confusion or unusual movements.
  • Head injuries or neurological disorders that lead to poor balance or slurred speech.

These and other kinds of conditions could lead to an officer believing that you’re intoxicated when you’re not. If you run into trouble with the law but have a medical explanation, then your attorney can help you defend yourself against a DUI.