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Artificial intelligence can make driving safer

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Many New Mexico residents who have been involved in car accidents are eagerly anticipating the development of more crash-avoidance technology. Designers have produced several artificial intelligence features aimed to prevent car accidents, and there is evidence that they have had some success.

Reduced risk of accidents in cars with Advanced Safety Systems

One researcher claims that cars with crash-avoidance technologies are involved in 3.5% fewer accidents. Research conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions concluded that, even when car accidents did occur that involved cars equipped with ADAS, these accidents were less likely to result in harm. Researchers found a 27% reduction in bodily harm and a 19% reduction in property damage frequency when vehicles had ADAS.

Examples of ADAS

One of the most common crash-avoidance technologies is the rearview backup camera. This camera can protect drivers from other reckless drivers, and it can also prevent them from running into pedestrians or inanimate objects. Other ADAS include road sign recognition, pedestrian-detection systems and blind-spot monitoring. Studies have found that cars with blind-spot monitoring had crash involvement rates 14% lower than cars of the same model without that equipment.

Issues with ADAS

Some motorists who have ADAS choose not to drive with the technology turned on. Specifically, front-collision warning is turned off by 11% of drivers and automatic emergency braking is turned off by 17% of drivers, according to the LexisNexis study. The reason that some drivers opt not to use these features may be that inaccurate collision warnings or emergency braking could make driving more challenging.

Car insurance for cars with ADAS

Unfortunately, since cars with ADAS are more expensive to repair, insurance companies could make it more expensive to cover these modern vehicles. Safety advocates hope that as more data emerges about the improved safety of ADAS vehicles, the insurance companies will incentivize people to buy them.

No matter what kind of safety technology a vehicle has, drivers are ultimately responsible. Someone who has been injured in a car accident may want to consult with a personal injury attorney.