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Keep Your Hunting And Fishing Privileges If You Face Charges

Violations of hunting and fishing regulations may not seem like serious charges, but they can affect your rights for a long time. If convicted of a serious violation or multiple smaller violations, you could even lose your hunting and fishing privileges permanently.

At Clark, Jones & Ruyle, LLC, we work with hunters, fishers, outfitters, guides and hikers who face criminal or administrative charges regarding game regulations. Our attorney Elden Ruyle is an avid hunter himself. He has gained valuable knowledge of how to handle these cases, taking steps such as presenting mitigating evidence to the game commission or appealing the game commissioner’s ruling, if necessary.

What Are Some Common Game Violations?

Game law in New Mexico is full of minute details. Even the most avid gamesmen and women may inadvertently violate a rule. In fact, most violations are self-reported out of a sense of duty. Some of the most common transgressions include:

  • Hunting or fishing out of season
  • Unlawful possession of game or fish
  • Hunting without a valid license
  • Exceeding the bag limit of a big game species
  • Criminal trespass while hunting

Some hunting and fishing infractions count as criminal cases. In other cases, the Department of Game and Fish has jurisdiction. Clark, Jones & Ruyle, LLC, can represent you in criminal proceedings and in administrative hearings.

Violating A Game Regulation Can Have Serious Penalties

The state has serious consequences for anyone who does not comply with the law, even when it comes to game regulations.

  • Fines of up to $6,000
  • Suspension of your license
  • Permanent revocation of your license in more than one state
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Jail time

Do not underestimate the charges against you. It is critical to work with a defense attorney who can help to shield you from stiff penalties.

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