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3 Tips To Help You Stay Safe At Intersections

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

There is no way to guarantee your safety at intersections. They’re one of the most dangerous places on the road network because they are where drivers traveling in different directions meet. If anyone makes a mistake, it can cause a collision involving many others.

However, that concerning reality does not mean you can’t do things that will reduce the chance that you’ll be involved in a collision. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when you approach intersections.

Avoid turning left at particularly dangerous times

While the whole point of you visiting certain intersections might be to turn left, sometimes it’s better not to. Research shows that many more crashes happen when turning left than right. It’s because left turns force you to travel across oncoming traffic.

When traveling under particularly hazardous circumstances – including rough weather conditions – pull your route up on a map and look at how you could reduce the number of left-hand turns you must make. While you might need to cover a greater distance to eliminate them, it might not be any slower because right turns typically involve less waiting.

Always check twice

There’s a lot to take in at an intersection, and it’s easy to miss something, so a second glance gives you a second chance to perceive what’s around you. Many injuries to people, particularly those on two wheels, can be avoided if those around them take the time to make sure that they’re not missing hard-to-spot travelers or consequential conditions.

If in doubt, wait it out

Think you can probably make it before the lights change or before an oncoming vehicle reaches you? Don’t even try. It’s not worth the risk. Only proceed when you are sure that you have sufficient time to do so safely.

If everyone followed those three tips, it could drastically reduce intersection collisions – but sadly, many won’t. If they injure you, you’ll need to understand your legal options by speaking with an attorney and relaying the unique details of your circumstances.