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The possible consequences of an embezzlement charge

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

What is embezzlement? Embezzlement involves stealing money from an employer or money held in one’s trust.

If you embezzled funds from your boss in New Mexico, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount you stole. For example, taking less than $250 is a petty offense; stealing $20,000 or more is a second-degree felony. 

Embezzling money could land you in a lot of trouble, especially if you took an amount in the four/five-figure range. One likely consequence is that your employer could terminate and sue you.

Three other ways an embezzlement charge can affect you

The following outcomes can occur if you’re convicted of embezzlement:

  1. You may have limited job opportunities. Possessing a misdemeanor or felony record makes it difficult to find work, particularly in jobs related to financial matters. Trust is a value that plays a major role in banking and other similar occupations. If your previous employer couldn’t trust you, then it’s unlikely that a prospective employer would.
  2. You can lose your professional license. Licensed professions like real estate and psychology require maintaining a clean record. If you happen to work in those fields and are guilty of a felony, you will likely have your license revoked.
  3. Your reputation might go downhill. Criminal records are available for the public to view online through state and local government websites. If a friend or relative found your record, they might keep a distance from you, putting a strain on your relationship. 

It’s best for you to avoid an embezzlement conviction whenever possible. Consider seeking experienced legal guidance to help you find a solution to your issue or provide a strong defense.