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Why snow brings good and bad news to Santa Fe

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The good thing about living in or close to a ski resort is there are plenty of snowplows to keep the roads open after a snowfall. What’s more, they have an extra financial incentive to do so. Skiers who cannot reach the slopes cannot spend money at the stores, restaurants and outfitters serving the industry.

Yet, despite that, there will still be occasions when snowfall makes the roads around Santa Fe dangerous. For instance, during or immediately after a fresh fall. Or in the early morning before gritters have got to a particular street where meltwater refroze.

How can you stay safe driving this winter?

You have a responsibility to make sure you do not cause an accident. You can do things such as:

  • Ensure you have snow tires or snow chains
  • Check the forecast to avoid being out in poor conditions
  • Use routes that the machinery is more likely to have cleared
  • Slow down when a snowstorm reduces visibility
  • Use your lights to make yourself more visible

Yet, you do not hold total responsibility for your safety. You will always be at the mercy of other drivers. You might have a good grip on the tarmac, but if someone else does not, they could crash into you. You can slow down, but the car behind you might not, and if visibility is poor, they may fail to see a stop signal change and crash into the back of you.

Carrying warm blankets and the means to make a hot drink can help keep you safe if another driver puts your vehicle out of action. Yet, if they injure you in the process, the cost of repairing you may far outweigh that needed to mend your car. Claiming compensation will help ensure it does not come out of your pocket.